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Exhaust system related parts including gaskets for automobiles and two wheeled vehicles.
  • Wire mesh parts (for vibration-proofing of muffler, engine cover, filter of inflator)
  • Spiral wound gasket (genuine parts, etc. for two wheeled vehicles)
  • Sealing related parts (cloth rings, wire rings, etc.)
  • Carbon related parts (exhaust pipe joint seal, etc.)

Wire Mesh Products

Wire Mesh Products (photo)Production facilities to process fine metal wire into knitted mesh netting are all in-house developed automatic knitting machines.
Various knitted mesh (wire diameter, width, etc.) may be produced. This is made by forming fine stainless steel wire, ultra corrosion resistant, heat resistant alloy wire into knitted form and subjected to corrugating or press processing.
Since it can be used in an high temperature atmosphere (500 - 800ºC) it can also be used to retain ceramic body of catalyst devices, as vibration-proofing cushioning material to absorb vibrations, or as filters.


SEMI-METALLIC SPIRAL-WOUND GASKETS (photo)Spiral wound gaskets are formed by alternating steel hoops and non-ferrous cushioning materials (filler), wound in spiral shape with the starting and ending ends firmly welded.
From its characteristic structure, a superior sealing quality gasket with gasket is achieved.
These are used as genuine parts for two wheeled vehicles.

Carbon Seal Products

Carbon Seal Products (photo)A non-asbestos material formed and processed from expanded graphite obtained from natural graphite by special chemical processing.
With superior heat resistance and sealing ability, it is used in various places as sealing material for exhaust pipe joints.
Composite material of graphite and wire mesh are formed simultaneously to produce a high strength product.

Seal Ring Products

Seal Ring Products (photo)Wire Rings
Various wires are formed into round shape by a special machine (multi-forming machine) and the ends are butt welded to make wire rings in which the strength of the welded part is stronger than the wire itself. By combining of these wire rings, gaskets made of expanded graphite sheet base material become superior material with heat resistance and fatigue resistance, exhibiting outstanding sealing durability.
Cloth Rings
Semi-metallic gaskets are covered by sheet metal with heat resistant inorganic cushioning material as the core metal.

Intake / Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Exhaust Manifold Gaslet (photo) High performance exhaust manifold metal gasket with V-shapes, superior in restoring ability that follow movements of the exhaust manifold.
High performance gasket of expanded graphite sheet base. By combining base material superior in heat resistance and wear resistance with wire rings, outstanding sealing durability is gained.

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