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The company mainly produces and sells exhaust system related parts including gaskets for automobiles and two wheeled vehicles. Its main products include wire mesh parts (for vibration-proofing of mufflers, and engine coversAfilter of inflator), spiral wound gaskets (genuine parts for two wheeled vehicles), sealing parts (cloth rings, wire rings, etc.), carbon related parts (exhaust pipe joint seals, etc.).


Representative Director YASUHIRO NODA
Establishment Established Sep 1st, 1993 (Founded Aug, 1974)
Capital JP ¥30,000,000-


Aug.74 Founded as "Best Packing" (private company managed by former president Masaru Noda)
Sep.74 Started delivery of Toyota Motor Corporation repair parts to KP Gasket Co., Ltd.
Mar.76 Deliveries started to Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., and Suzuki Motor Corporation through Ishino Gasket Industry Co., Ltd.
Oct.79 Completed an in-house developed automatic production machine for automobile spiral wound gaskets.
Apr.80 Established a high quality mass production system by automating of production line.
Mar.87 Started deliveries to Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. through Sanwa Packing Industry Co., Ltd.
Mar.90 Deliveries started to Toyota Motors Corporation through Nichias Corporation.
Apr.91 To meet increased demands from Toyota Motors and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Kumamoto Plant constructed and completed. Production started.
Aug.93 Additional full automatic production line installed in Kumamoto Plant.
Sep.93 Organization changed to a stock company and name changed to Best Co., Ltd.
Aug.94 20th anniversary of foundation celebrated.
Mar.99 No. 2 Kumamoto Plant constructed and completed. Production facilities relating to knitted mesh installed more.
Jun.02 Subsidiary company,"Qingdao Best Vehicle Parts Co.,Ltd." established in China.
Jul.02 Capital increased to ¥ 30,000,000.
Jan.04 "Qingdao Best Vehicle Parts Co.,Ltd."acquired ISO9001:2000 certification.
Aug.04 30th anniversary of foundation celebrated.
Nov.05 "Qingdao Best Vehicle Parts Co.,Ltd." New factory completed.
Mar.07 Head Office and Kumamoto Plant acquired ISO9001:2000 certification
Sep.10 Yasuhiro Noda became representative director.
Apr.15 Established J/V company in Malaysia "ANB WIRE MESH INDUSTRIES SDN BHD"
Mar.17 Expanded Kumamoto Plant. Installed Wire mesh facilities more.

Business establishments

Head Office
Kumamoto Plant

ISO9001:2015,JIS Q 9001:2015

1.Design and Development, and Manufacture of Wire Mesh Parts for Automobiles, Motorcycles and Industrial Machines.
2..Design and Development, and Manufacture of Gaskets of Engine Exhaust System for Automobiles, Motorcycles and Industrial Machines.
3..Design and Development, and Manufacture of Gas Sealing Parts of Engines for Automobiles, Motorcycles and Industrial Machines.

Head Office, plant
5-1-35, Imazunaka, Tsurumi-Ku, Osaka-City  
Postal Code:538-0042 JAPAN
Tel;+81-6-6968-6449    Fax;+81-6-6967-5727

Kumamoto Plant
2943, Onikimachi, Amakusa-City, Kumamoto Prf.    Postal Code:863-1721 JAPAN
Tel;+81-969-72-9509    Fax;+81-969-72-9520

Chinese subsidiary
"Qingdao Best Vehicle Parts Co.,Ltd."

No.6 RD, South of Longquan River, No.5 RD, West of Fenghuang Mountain,
Qingdao Automobile Industrial New City, Jimo City, Qingdao, China
Tel:+86-532-8558-8706 @Fax:+86-532-8558-8710
Certified ISO9001:2015

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