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Seal Ring Products (image)

General (Wire rings)

Various wires are formed into round shape by a special machine (multi-forming machine) and the ends are butt welded to make wire rings in which the strength of the welded part is stronger than the wire itself. By combining of these wire rings, gaskets made of expandedgraphite sheet base material become superior material with heat resistance and fatigue resistance, exhibiting outstanding sealing durability.

Features (Wire rings)

  • Mass produced with high dimensional accuracy (Inner diameter, thickness etc.);
  • Strength of the welded part is higher than that of the wire itself. (Thorough welding control);
  • Manufacturing with the use of various wires is possible. (Annealed wire, galvanized iron wire,
    stainless steel wire, etc);
  • Supplying of large quantities at low cost is made possible by fully automatic production machines (Introduction of fully automatic production machine).

Production specifications (Wire rings)

Items Specification values dimensions
Type of wires Various types of wires such as
  • Iron wire (bright annealing)
  • Galvanized iron wire
  • Stainless steel wire (SUS 304)
dimensions illust
Wire diameter
  • Wire diameter
    Dia.φ0.8mm -φ1.6mm
    (JIS specification values)
Inner diameter
  • Ring inner diameter
    Dia.56mm - 155mm
    (Permissible tolerance ±0.1mm)
  • Example of processing
    Wire diameter:φ1.2mm
    After flattening: 1.05mm ±0.03
dimensions image

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